Thursday, 14 February 2013

First Meet (Fiction Writing)

Our First Meet
(I tried to be less humored and more relative)
Eventually, the day had arrived. I haven’t seen her before nor do I have any iota of envision of her. This was the first day I was going to encounter her. I was excited and anxious at the same time. There was some kind of unknown feeling running in my veins. Perhaps that was the mixed uncanny feeling of skepticism, excitement and ecstasy of meeting her. However, I controlled it somehow. I went towards my wardrobe and searched for the most decent outfit to wear. After changing at least three times my so called ‘decent’ outfits, I was finally ready to meet her. My mom was continuously noticing all my drama and apparently confirmed that her son has gone mad. I ignored it though. I went to my bike. It was ogling me as if I am going to take heron a date.

 Finally, I reached the place or I should be saying my 2nd home, GAURAV TOWER. We have decided to meet at CCD, GT. I was fascinating her while riding, though GT was somewhat 5 minutes long from my house and I couldn’t fascinate a tad of her. STUPID ME! YEAH!

I have had done dating before but this time my heart was fluttering I didn’t know why. I called her to know where she was. She said “I will be there in 2 minutes and my 3 roomies are also with me”. Heck! I couldn’t say anything, so replied “hmm. Come fast”.
They finally arrived and waved hi, I returned the same. I acquainted myself to each girl and the time I reached to the third girl. I paused, my wandering eyes paused, my heart-beats paused, and the outer-world paused, everything else got blurred for the time being. I met to the most beautiful eyes of the planet; they were uber seductive and almost killed me. The complimenting blue mascara was making her eyes so much tempting that I could have even died for it. The way she had carried herself and her natural adornments were making her more alluring.  I abruptly said, “Khushi”. All were awestruck and same was I. They gazed me. I was smart enough to figure out that she was Khushi indeed. They had planned to obfuscate me and I brushed aside their prank (Poor they :P).
Undoubtedly, this was the moment of euphoria for me. She was complete reminiscence of what I thought of her. She asked “how did I guess her correct”. I only replied “sixth senses” (an un-witty answer) and grinned. I couldn’t have replied else as my all senses had stopped to working for a while.
Thenafter, we went inside the CCD and ordered for the five ice-cream coffees. Her friends were absolutely bonhomie with their camaraderie and demeanor. We had had paroxysms after every sporadic moment. I tried to show-off my sense of humor quite a few times and had been successful every time, fortunately! J
We subsequently went to dominos. I was only drinking H2O and talking with her friends while my eyes were busy ogling her and talking with her eyes. Afterwards, we went to mocha. She sat my aside. I was showering with joy and wanted to get more nigh to her. However, I encumbered my crook mind anyhow.(Poor me L)
I had ordered hukka on one of hers friend’s demand. We (me and she, to be more precise) initiated our first-time-ever face to face talks. Meanwhile her friends were busy with theirs natters, I’m indeed thankful to her friends for their ‘mehrbaani’ (mercifulness) and stop becoming ‘kabaab mein haddi ’ (btw I’m a vegetarian :P ) for more.
I was still impertinently looking at her. She got annoyed but I cared less. How could have somebody stop looking at one of prettiest artwork of god. As yet, I was completely mesmerized by her enticing beauty.  Later, I put off my flotters to get relaxed and cozy. She abruptly said “you will get a beautiful wife”. I was bewildered and then she told me that she could do prophecy by reading foot lines, I wasn’t aware of it. Excitedly I asked her to delineate more and said “whose beautiful wife will I get ? Before marriage or extra maritial affair hoga?  dhang se bta na yaar ? kuch money-shoney ke bare me bta tu toh?”. She already knew how obsessed I’am for money. She managed to smile though bit annoyingly, I again flattered on that smile.

After a while, she said “I have to go now”. I didn’t want to let her go. I wanted to hug her, albeit we took adieu with exchanging smiles only. (happy me :))
We came outside, waved bye and took toddles.
Myriad of thoughts were kept running, I pulled out my cell after quite a while and texted her “I like you”.
It was probably the love at first sight. Though I content myself to’ like thingy’, as of now. I ridiculed on my brainchild. She replied, “:)” and later with “I like you too :)”.
AND THE JOURNEY begins…………..!  
Pardon me for grammatical mistakes. I indeed bunked my English classes.